Friday, February 11, 2011

The Elusive Self - self portraits

Route 49, Marcy, NY 2005 ©Sylvia de Swaan

Prague to Berlin, 1994 ©Sylvia de Swaan

Waiting, Denver, CO 2006 ©Sylvia de Swaan

Alking, Chernivtsi, Ukraine 2013

Sylvan Beach, NY 2013 ©Sylvia de Swaan

Shepkina 12/17, Chernivtsi, Ukraine 2013 ©Sylvia de Swaan


  1. I LOVE these recent posts, black and white, or color, representations of yourself and your world; love the diptych format, the whole, here, and then also here, thing that it infers. Brilliant work!

  2. oh thanks you thank you Tama...yes the diptych were a big step for me ---I usually spend weeks and months pondering an idea before I actually do it,,this combines my interest in editing, cinema, among many other things...

  3. Sylvia, I feel like I was on a cosmic journey with you. Very powerful images.
    The photo from Route 49 is extraordinary. Congratulations on this fine work.

  4. I love the photos in this Elusive Self album, Silvia. Old memories, the impression of so many brief thoughts seemingly of no consequence, recaptured years later; of people trying to recapture that past but never concretely being able to. The elusive self. We think we know ourselves. We try to know ourselves, but we never really do, only in snippets, brief moments of clarity and understanding. You've captured this so beautifully.

  5. Thanks Jonelle,,,appreciate your insights!